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The Beaumaris Hotel
Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Breen Auction Group assisted the owners of the Beaumaris Hotel with an on-site auction which was the most cost effective solution to de-fit the entire contents in readiness for development. The on-site auction proved highly successful with the vendor being extremely happy with the financial return that they received upon completion of the auction.

Cape Onshore Australia
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Cape Onshore Australia recently relocated their Springvale operations and Breen Auction Group assisted with an on-site auction proposal which was accepted. Breen Auction Group assisted Cape Onshore Australia with the re-selling of office furniture, timber, Isuzu Trucks and Utes, Forklifts, Site Hut, Scaffolding Componentry with a very strong financial return for the vendor.

Spotless Furniture Extraction
Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Breen Auction Group in conjunction with a relocation company has recently extracted 8 floors of surplus furniture for Spotless located at 350 Queen Street, Melbourne. Over 3,000 items of furniture avoided land fill during this project.

An estimated 15% of furniture is being re – used at the new premise, 80% has being re –sold with an estimated 5% having no retail value.

The Breen Auction Group procured this tender on the provision it could receive all assets in only a 3 day program.

We were able to provide flexible trading terms to receive furniture 24 hours a day to accommodate this tight deadline.

The types of assets sold can be seen below.

State Revenue Office Ballarat

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Breen Auction Group was recently awarded the workstation re modification projects for the State Revenue Office in Ballarat. The Breen Auction Group were required over one weekend to modify on site 36 workstations and install 12 New workstations in the new space provided.

The existing workstations (inclusive of screens, desk tops and desk frames) had to be modified from 2100mm x 2400mm to 2100mm x 1800mm to make space for twelve additional workstations.

This project took meticulous planning and precision as all modifications and cutting had to be accurate. There was some 60 man hours of modification works that had to be achieved over the one weekend in conjunction with the re-install of the existing workstations and installation of the purchased workstations.

The new workstations were powder coated and upholstered to match the existing and needed to be tech adjustable to compliment the state governments OH & S standards and guidelines.

The Breen Auction Group were also able to fabricate and manufacture function walls and pin boards to compliment the existing workstations.

The project was designed to be managed over one weekend to ensure there was no disruption to staff and the operations of the State Revenue Office given the confidential and sensitive nature of what they do.

Below images of the prototype developed for the SRO along with the Pin Boards and Function Walls that were manufactured

Math Marketing Fit Out
Thursday, August 11, 2011

In conjunction with one of our preferred builders the Breen AuctionGroup provided a fit out solution for Math Marketing a fast growing company in Melbourne.  We were able to Fit the office space entriely from recycled furniture with the end result greatly exceeding the expectations of our client.

Victoria Police – 637 Flinders Street Melbourne

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Breen Auction Group recently managed the drop, relocation and rebuild of 92 workstations over a 3 phase project. This was a highly efficient and successful project where by works were done out of peak working periods to ensure minor disruption to staff.

Nexia ASR – Extraction of Loose Furniture & Workstations

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Breen Auction Group in conjunction with a relocation contractor extracted two large floors of loose furniture and workstations from 440 Collins Street. 100% of all loose assets sold via our auction house with 55 workstations were placed into storage for re – distribution.

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